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The fifteen commandments men must follow to keep the love of a woman.
The fifteen commandments men must follow to keep the love of a woman.

1. Do not forget as much as possible to satisfy her in bed (it is always better if the initiative comes from a man).

2. Do not be offended if she refused you (she may have a reason for this).

3. Do not lie to her (if you are planning to lie, do it so skillfully that she took it as the truth),

4. Don't forget to compliment her more often ("you are the most beloved, the best, the most passionate, the most tender...").

5. Don't brag about your sexual abilities and never mention your previous sexual experience. It is best to say: "You are my very first and only!"If you have already been married, say, 'You are my second and best!"

6. Do not forget to admire her culinary art ("Well, you, dear, burnt porridge is very tasty and useful!")

7. Often touch it gently and tenderly, purring at the same time: "What a delicate skin you have, how nice the feeling of your warmth!"

8. Do not forget from time to time to compare it with others, and always in her favor. (Even with that chicken who thinks she's Claudia Schiffer, you looked awesome!")

9. Do not forget in words and in deeds to show how you care about it. ("This new meat grinder will make your hard work in the kitchen much easier!")

10. If you promised her something, always keep your word. If you can not keep, come up with a good reason ("We will not fly to the Canary Islands, as the business of our company went down!")

11. Being in society, show your care and attention to it. Don't pay too much attention to other women in her presence. But when it is not with you, you can even afford an innocent flirtation, giving a woman and a sense of play. When she is told what success you enjoyed in her absence, she will certainly understand that she should be happy, owning such a charming and witty man.

12. Provide her with a variety of services, putting it in a dependent position. (If she is late, prepare a sumptuous dinner with wine and flowers and wait for the response!)

13. Never say "never", it is better to say "I will think", "it requires careful preparation", "it does not contradict anything, but you need to wait a little".

14. In case of a quarrel, apologize first and go to reconciliation ("I'm sorry, honey, let's forget this little incident and we'll be all right again! And was it worth it to quarrel over such trifles?!")

15. In the case of adultery, never confess even if caught red-handed ("What is this mistress? This is my colleague at work, we prepared a report with her! Why in the Nude? It's hot!")

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